January 2007

The EU at 27

Much global attention is focused on whether Turkey will become a member of the European Union in the future. By comparison, relatively little attention has been given to the fact that, on January 1, 2007, the EU expanded yet again. This time, it was Romania and Bulgaria that joined. We wonder: How much did the EU’s territory grow in size with the addition of these two new members?

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Polonium, I Presume

Until recently, polonium was a little-known metalloid going by the symbol Po on the periodic table of elements and the atomic number 84. That all changed in late 2006, when the substance was fingered as a possible murder weapon in the mysterious death of Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko in London. But which of the following is true about this shadowy substance?

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The 700 Billion Club

In the global economy, emerging market countries are constantly growing in importance. Rapid growth rates, booming trade and high commodity prices have enabled these countries to rise in stature in the global economy. We wonder: Which of the following four countries currently has the largest economy?

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