January 2008

Global Leader or Laggard?

For the first time in more than three decades, the United States in December 2007 enacted federal legislation to increase the country's vehicle fuel efficiency standards. They are slated to reach 35 miles per gallon (14.9 km/l) by 2020. We wonder: Which of these major economies will the United States outperform with its new fuel efficiency standard?

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Women Moving Democracy

Women's political participation plays an ever more important role in various efforts to advance democracy around the world. We wonder: Which of these countries has the lowest percentage of women in its national parliament?

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Beijing’s Olympic Effort

China is busily preparing for this summer's Beijing Olympic Games. To ensure that China's moment in the global spotlight goes off without a hitch, a wide range of preparations — both conventional and unorthodox — are underway. In light of these efforts, we wonder: Which of the following are true?

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Sizing Up Africa

Africa's overall population is expected to grow from the current level of 922 million people to 1.99 billion by 2050 — one-fifth of the world's population. We wonder: Which country in Africa has the highest population density?

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