March 2008

Global Gold Production

Gold is as much a symbol of wealth and extravagance today as it has been for much of history. With gold prices at record highs, the race is on in countries around the world to capitalize on a lucrative market. We wonder: Which of the following countries ranked first in global gold production in 2007?

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Mind the Gap

In the 21st century, women are outperforming men in educational attainment in almost every country of the European Union, as well as in North America. Yet, the pay gap between women and men persists. We wonder: In which of the following countries are the hourly earnings of women closest to those of men?

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Taxing Families

Across the globe, many governments like to portray themselves as family-friendly. But are they really living up to that claim? We wonder: In which of the following countries does a married couple with two children and one breadwinner earning the average wage face the highest tax burden?

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