June 2008

Women as Cabinet Members

While women around the world continue to enter the workforce at greater rates, much remains to be done to achieve full gender equality — especially when it comes to politics. We wonder: Among the following countries, which has the greatest proportion of women in cabinet-level positions?

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The Global Food Crisis

Food prices continue to rise due to increasing demand, high energy costs, climate change, speculation, export/import bans and subsidies. While the long-term impact of the global food crisis has yet to be fully felt around the world, we wonder: Just how many people does the United Nations' World Food Program actually assist each year?

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Eliminating Malaria

Malaria is a disease that has puzzled scientists for centuries. Another global elimination effort is now underway — and it is aimed at gaining control of the spread of the mosquito-borne disease. We wonder: How many people around the world contract malaria each year?

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The Power of Plugging In

With oil prices reaching new highs and concerns about global warming continuing to grow, carmakers are racing to redesign petroleum-powered vehicles to run on less gas. Among those efforts are plans to equip gas-electric hybrids with advanced batteries that can be charged overnight from an ordinary electrical socket. Such "plug-in hybrids" promise huge gains in fuel efficiency — but how many miles per gallon are they expected to run?

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