April 2009

Export Dependence

In boom times, high levels of exports are often interpreted as a sign of economic strength. At a time of economic crisis, though, a very trade-dependent economy is especially vulnerable to the global economic climate — and the growth of its trading partners. We wonder: Which of the following economies is most heavily dependent on exports?

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Reshaping America

Racial issues are still a sensitive matter in the multi-ethnic United States. And over the next several decades, the composition of the country's population will change significantly. We wonder: By how much will the United States’ white, non-Hispanic population rise by 2050?

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The War on Opium

Attention is increasingly being focused on two of the world's apparently insoluble yet related problems, Afghanistan and illicit drugs. War-torn Afghanistan currently produces over 90% of the world's heroin, which provides funding for the Taliban insurgency. We wonder: In which of the following countries does the largest share of the population use opiates?

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The Tata Nano: Driving India into the Future

In these times of worldwide economic insecurity, India's Tata Motors has attained global fame for producing the world's cheapest car, the Tata Nano. Despite numerous difficulties in getting the car from the drawing board to the showroom floor, Tata is confident that the Nano will be successful in India, where only eight of every 1,000 individuals own a car. Which of the following facts about the Tata Nano is correct?

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