June 2009

Global Fertility Trends

In many parts of the world, the 20th century brought substantial increases in living standards — and corresponding decreases in family size. However, in the least developed parts of the world, fertility rates remain high. We wonder: By 2050, what is the fertility rate of women living in the developing world expected to be?

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India vs. China

Two countries with billion-plus populations. Two countries that, centuries ago, were by far the world's largest economies — and two countries that, for varying reasons, fell into a long economic slumber. So we wonder: A couple of decades into the process of economic reform, how does China's current standard of living compare to India's?

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Median Age by 2020

Even amidst the continuing global population boom, there is more and more talk about aging. While it is becoming an increasingly pressing issue in developed countries, many developing nations are also contending with graying populations. We wonder: In 2020, what will be the median age in China, the world's most populous country?

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U.S. Exports Destinations

In the United States, hopes for economic recovery are pinned in part on stronger export performance in the future. Indeed, robust trade relationships have been an economic boon to the United States and the world as a whole in the last several years. We wonder: Which of the following countries or world regions is the biggest destination for U.S. exports?

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