November 2009

Sizing Up World Hunger

The November 2009 World Food Summit held in Rome under the auspices of the UN's Food and Agricultural Organization was intended to attract attention to the needs of the world's hungry. With the global recession, the issue has certainly become more pressing than in a long time. We wonder: How many people around the world are considered hungry?

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The Young and the Jobless

The global economic crisis is taking a significant human toll all around the world, particularly among today's young generation. We wonder: Which developed country's population below 25 years of age faces the highest unemployment rate?

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Oil's Silver Medalist

Oil is among the most important commodities exported worldwide. And OPEC is often the focus of issues surrounding oil exports — primarily because of its ability to influence prices. While most people know that Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest net oil exporter, we wonder: Who ranks second?

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