February 2010

Sizing Up Germany

Germany at present still ranks as the world's fourth-largest economy. And on a per-capita basis, its income level — at about $41,000 — ranks 18th globally, placing it right behind France, Canada and Japan. We wonder: In which of these areas does Germany rank first in the world?

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The Shadow Economy King

With much attention in global financial markets focused on the Greek economy and its weak public finances, including spotty tax collection, the country seems to be a likely candidate for the title of having the developed world's largest shadow economy. We wonder: Which major country has the highest share of legal economic activity that is deliberately concealed from public authorities?

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Women at Work

Beginning with World War II and the heyday of "Rosie the Riveter," the United States was among the first countries in the world where women played a prominent role in the workforce. Over the past several decades, other countries have sought to follow the U.S. example. We wonder: When it comes to the share of women in the workforce, where does the United States rank today among rich countries?

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A Globe Connected

Staying in touch has become a globe-spanning phenomenon. There currently are about four billion cell phones for the world's 6.7 billion people, with virtually all of the growth in recent years taking place in developing countries. We wonder: How much does the average Indian cell phone user spend on phone service each month?

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