March 2010

Which Monarch Reigns Supreme?

Even in the age of global democracy, kings and queens are still a part of the political scene. In some countries, monarchs continue to wield executive powers. In others, they hold a more ceremonial position. We wonder: What is the longest reign of any monarch who is still alive today?

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The World’s Oldest Countries in 2050

Population aging has direct consequences for almost all aspects of public life — from the viability of retirement and healthcare systems to shrinking workforces and overall population levels. Japan is currently the world's oldest country, with a median age of 44.7 years — and is projected to retain this title for the next four decades. We wonder: After Japan, which country in the world will have the highest median age by 2050?

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Sizing Up China’s Income

China's economy has made big strides in recent decades. And yet, with a population of 1.3 billion people, it is a vast undertaking to improve the lot of so many people after several decades of mismanagement. We wonder: Where does China's per person income rank globally?

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