August 2010

Coffee King of the Universe

Coffee has been a stimulant for centuries. From its origins in Arabia around 1,000 AD to its spread to Europe in the 17th century, and on to the contemporary emergence of espresso machines in many advanced countries, coffee has long connected cultures. We wonder: On a per-person basis, which country drinks the most of the beverage?

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Time in Retirement

Around the world, population aging is raising serious questions about the financial viability of pension systems. With fewer and fewer workers per retiree and growing numbers of longer-living retirees, many fear that the costs of promised pensions will lead to large deficits — and threaten promised retirements. We wonder: In which country do workers have the longest period of retirement?

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Number Four in 2050

India, China and the United States will still be the world's three most populous nations in 2050. But there will be plenty of demographic change in other countries, given that nearly all future population growth will occur in developing countries. We wonder: Which country will be home to the world's fourth-largest population in 2050?

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