November 2010

Sizing Up the United States' Oil Reserves

As more and more nations develop a strong appetite for oil, the size of the world's reserves is becoming an increasingly important issue. Around the globe, the race is on to vie for secure energy supplies for the future. We wonder: What percentage of global oil reserves is located in the United States?

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Sizing Up NATO Defense Spending

At the recent NATO summit in Lisbon, the United States pushed its allies once again to cover more of the cost of maintaining global security. We wonder: How many of NATO's 28 member countries are currently spending 2% or more of their GDP on defense?

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The G20's Women Leaders

When the world's political elite gathered in Seoul for the G20 summit, it was overwhelmingly a male-dominated affair. We wonder: How many women leaders attended the G20 nations' summit table as their country's president or prime minister?

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