December 2010

The Billionaires Club

As policymakers around the globe begin to grapple in earnest with their ever-graying populations, there are sharp divergences among world regions when it comes to the rate at which they are aging. We wonder: In total, how many people aged 65 and over will there be three decades from now, in 2040?

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Who's Online?

More and more people around the world are using the Internet. However, there are dramatic variations among regions in the numbers who go online, either at home, at work or elsewhere. We wonder: Which of these continents or major countries has the highest share of people using the Internet?

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The Rise of Women in Higher Education

On a worldwide basis, the number of women enrolled in universities has risen over the past two decades. However, the increase varies significantly depending on what parts of the world women live in and what fields of study they pursue. We wonder: What share of the world's university students are women?

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Nobel BRICs

The so-called BRICs — Brazil, Russia, India and China — are making headlines all over the world. With a Chinese man, human rights campaigner Liu Xiaobo, featuring prominently among this year's Nobel Laureates, we wonder: How many Chinese citizens have been awarded a Nobel Prize in any field since the prizes were first given out in 1901?

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