February 2011

Asia’s Economic Tigers

Originally trumpeted as the world's "tiger economies," most East Asian countries have long had robust economic growth rates, in some cases stretching as far back as the 1950s. We wonder: Which of these Asian countries now has an average income higher than the United States'?

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Arab Youth

In the ongoing unrest in the Arab world, a significant portion of the protesters are young people — many of whom are disillusioned with poor economic prospects, not to mention a lack of basic political freedoms. We wonder: Which Arab country has the biggest share of its population that is under age 25?

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Digging into Antarctica

Antarctica, one of the world's remotest regions, remains in many ways the undiscovered continent. However, scientists from around the world are spending long periods in Antarctica to learn more about it — and eco-oriented tourists are increasingly venturing southward. We wonder: Which of the following statements about Antarctica are true?

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