June 2011

India vs. China

Two countries with billion-plus populations. Two countries that, centuries ago, had by far the world's largest economies — and two countries that, for varying reasons, fell into a long economic slumber. So we wonder: A few decades into the process of economic reform, how does China's current standard of living, as measured by per capita income levels, compare to India's?

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Nanny States

While advanced economies around the world pride themselves on having attained a high standard of living, including extensive employment rights and protections, there are dramatic differences among them when it comes to women's rights in the workplace. We wonder: In which developed country do women receive the longest maternity leave?

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Remarkable Gains in Life Expectancy

The 20th century, especially the second half, ushered in one of humanity's greatest achievements: unprecedented improvements in life expectancy at birth for the world's population. Despite unfortunate setbacks due to HIV/AIDS, SARS and virulent influenza viruses, gains in life expectancy are continuing into the 21st century. We wonder: How many months of life expectancy at birth is the world’s population gaining annually?

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