October 2011

Who’s the Most Unequal?

The trend of growing income inequality was a key catalyst of the Arab Spring protests — and has also given rise to "Occupy Wall Street" protests in the United States as well as related demonstrations throughout the developed world. We wonder: Which developed countries have the highest levels of income inequality?

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Child Poverty in Rich Countries

Child poverty is a particularly harmful societal scourge because its effects often persist into adulthood. It diminishes educational opportunities, has a detrimental effect on health and may even stunt physical growth. Unfortunately, it is still relatively widespread in countries that are widely considered rich. We wonder: Which of the following country pairings has the highest child poverty rates?

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World Population in 2100

According to United Nations estimates, the world population is expected to reach seven billion by late October 2011. We wonder: If the fertility rates of countries around the world were to remain unchanged at their current levels, what would be the size of the world population in 2100?

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