November 2011

The U.S. War Over Taxes

Few matters are as contentious as the U.S. battle over taxes. The world’s largest economy is essentially divided into two camps: One believes taxes need to be raised to ensure fiscal stability, while the other believes they are already far too high. We wonder: How does the total level of taxation in the United States compare to that in other wealthy countries?

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Income Inequality: Where Does the United States Rank?

Income inequality is measured on the basis of the so-called Gini value. On this zero-to-100 scale, a lower value indicates a more equal distribution of income. The United States has had a Gini value of around 43 for the past ten years or more. We wonder: Which of these country pairings is most similar to the United States in terms of income inequality?

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The Richest 1% of Americans and World Poverty

The "Occupy Wall Street" movement and its global offshoots have put a glaring spotlight on issues of poverty and social equity. So we wonder: How many of the world's poorest people would it take to generate the same amount of income earned by the top 1% of Americans?

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