December 2011

Sizing Up the Global Labor Pool

The world's labor pool continues to expand, driven mainly by population increases in developing countries. While this provides opportunities for economic growth, it also presents challenges — especially the need to create enough jobs for new entrants to the labor force. We wonder: How large is the global labor pool at present?

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The EU-27 and the BRICs

The European Union has dominated global headlines lately. It currently consists of 27 member states, which, while separate countries, are gradually moving toward an ever closer union. We wonder: Which of the so-called BRIC countries also has 27 constituent parts, just as the EU does?

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Cars Vs. Humans

For the developing world's growing middle class, car ownership is perhaps the ultimate status symbol. We wonder: If the entire world had the same rate of car ownership as the United States, how many vehicles would be on the world's roads?

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Meet the New Consumer Force

Despite accounting for 42% of the world population, it is often stated that the BRIC countries — Brazil, Russia, India and China — are not yet a powerful global consumer force. We wonder: How large is their combined consumer market compared to that of the United States?

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