May 2012

The World’s Debt King

After the financial crisis, most major economies saw a steep increase in their debt-to-GDP ratios. We wonder: Which of the following nations has the highest level of debt, after adding up all the public debt, corporate debt, household debt and the debt accumulated by financial institutions?

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The Global Toll of Diabetes

The cost of treating diabetes — one of the world’s most prevalent but preventable diseases — is placing enormous stress on the already-strained healthcare budgets of the world’s developed countries. We wonder: Which major country has the highest prevalence of Type II (adult-onset) diabetes among its population?

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Peacekeeping’s Busiest Decade

When the United Nations was founded in 1945, a central part of its mission was to send peacekeeping troops into troubled regions in order to discourage armed conflict. Starting with its first mission in 1948, UN Peacekeeping Forces have been deployed in 67 operations. We wonder: Which decade saw the most peacekeeping missions begin?

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