July 2012

Sizing Up Antarctica’s Glacial Melt

As the global warming trend continues, the deterioration of Antarctica’s ice sheets — and the effects that this melting could have on sea levels — is fast becoming a matter of worldwide concern. We wonder: If you were to take the melt-off from Antarctica’s ice sheets over the past decade (2002-12) and pour it into a California-sized Jell-O mold, how high would the water rise?

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The Olympic Games’ Big Three

Nations have competed for Olympic medals ever since the modern games resumed in Athens in 1896. The United States holds the top rank in the overall medal count. But we wonder: What percentage of all medals won by the 10 top-ranked nations do U.S. athletes account for?

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Billionaires the World Over

It used to be that rich people were mostly found in countries in the developed world. And it is still true that, measured on the basis of the number of billionaires (with a “b”), the United States still rules the roost, with 425. However, we wonder: In which country do billionaires account for the largest share of their nation’s GDP?

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Toiling All Year Long

During the eurozone's economic crisis, accusations have been flying back and forth about which countries really work hard. We wonder: Based on the average number of hours a worker works annually, which of these nations works the hardest?

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