August 2012

As Cars Go Global

Initially, about 100 years ago, automobiles were a luxury item for the rich living in the Western world. Then, cars gradually became a mass consumption item for all people living in industrialized countries. Now, the phenomenon has gone global. Which of these statements about today’s global automotive industry are true?

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Tarring the Future of the World

In the United States, many voices are singing the praises of shale gas. They see it as a long-awaited avenue to reduce the country’s dependence on energy imports. Similar hopes are raised about fully utilizing the oil from the enormous tar sands deposits in Canada. Which of the following statements about oil from Canada’s tar sands is true?

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Youth Unemployment Reconsidered

We have all read the alarming headlines: Half of all young people in Spain and Greece are unemployed. So are around a quarter of all young people in Italy, France and the UK. But it turns out there is a problem with the way youth unemployment rates are calculated. We wonder: Which number below is a truer reflection of the level of youth unemployment in Spain?

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