February 2013

The World’s Working Poor

About 3.1 billion people around the world go to work each day. But many of them are still extremely poor. They earn just about enough money each day to pay for two bowls of rice soup at 25 cents per bowl, 50 cents for housing and 25 cents more for transport to and from work. We wonder: How many of the world’s workers live at this wage?

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The American Recovery Act, Part 2

There has been a lot of talk about a two-speed recovery in the United States. Stock markets have been booming, but the real economy remains quite weak. We wonder: How much did corporate profits rise in the United States over the course of Barack Obama’s first term in office — between January 2009 and now?

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Big-Time Exporters

Most discussions about trade in the global economy focus on exports and the size of various countries’ trade surpluses or deficits. That, however, is no real indication of how important trade is to a country’s economic make-up and structure. We wonder: In which of these major countries do exports account for the highest share of the national economy?

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