May 2013

The Death Penalty Club

One ominous way in which China leads the world is in the number of executions it carries out year after year. While government secrecy veils the exact number, China is estimated to have executed thousands of prisoners last year. We wonder: After China, which country carried out the most executions in 2012?

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Ranking the World’s Militaries

Most people might guess that China and India — the world’s two most-populous countries — also have two of the world’s largest militaries. Similarly, Cold War adversaries the United States and Russia also rank among the largest armed forces. We wonder: Which two countries round out the top six?

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The Global Cost of Energy Subsidies

Quite a few nations around the world directly subsidize the cost of energy. While this keeps energy prices low for consumers, it can also have very negative effects. We wonder: In what ways do energy subsidies impact the economy and the environment?

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