July 2013

All the World in a City?

The United Nations estimates that 10.9 billion people will inhabit the planet by 2100, raising new concerns about overpopulation. Currently, the world population is 7.1 billion. We wonder: If all these people lived as densely as Parisians do, how much land would be required for the entire world’s population today?

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New World Economics

For many decades, the U.S. economy was the single most important economy in the world. It accounted for the largest share of world imports by far, making the rest of the global economy dependent on the economic health of the United States. It’s quite a different world now. We wonder: Which of the following statements is true?

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California Vs. the United States

California is by far the U.S. state with the largest population. It has double the number of people that live in the state of New York and 50% more people than Texas. We wonder: How many of the smallest U.S. states would it take to reach the population of California?

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