December 2013

Behind Bars

Nearly 10.2 million people are currently behind bars in the world’s prisons. While that is just 0.14% of the world population, it is large enough to nearly equal the population of Bolivia, Portugal or the Czech Republic. We wonder: Which country has the highest number of prisoners?

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Person of the Year: From Lindbergh to Francis

Time Magazine announced that Pope Francis I, who was elected in March to succeed Pope Benedict XVI, is its “Person of the Year” for 2013. This is the 87th year that the American magazine has honored a person — or, in some years, a group or a thing — as the year’s biggest newsmaker. We wonder: How many non-Americans has Time honored as its “Person of the Year”?

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Afghanistan’s Opium Addiction

One of the most intractable problems of the 12-year war waged by the U.S. military and its NATO allies in Afghanistan is the production of opium. As the United States contemplates its future role in Afghanistan, we wonder: Which of the following statements about Afghanistan’s opium production are true?

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