February 2014

The Chinese as a Global Consumer Force

China’s economy has been booming for several decades. The living standards of the Chinese people have increased 31-fold since 1979, when the country’s reform process started to take shape. We wonder: What is the Chinese people’s current share of global consumption?

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Where the Manufacturing Jobs Are

It was big news when Apple announced that it planned to “reshore” some of its computer manufacturing to the United States. The news was seen as a harbinger of a much-needed rebound for the U.S. manufacturing sector. We wonder: What percentage of U.S. jobs does the manufacturing sector account for?

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Computerization and Employment

Immense technological progress has brought convenience and excitement to our lives as consumers. But it is also bringing about profound change for the employment prospects in many professions. We wonder: Which of the following professions is most at danger in the age of computerization over the next two decades?

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