July 2014

The Russian Empire Is Literally Dying

Vladimir Putin has rarely missed an opportunity to display Russia’s might on the international stage. Meanwhile, at home Russian men face a tragically high mortality rate. We wonder: Russian males have a higher likelihood of dying before the age of 60 than which of the following countries or regions?

A. Haiti
B. Africa
C. United States
D. Myanmar

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A Power Shift to Developing Countries

The Industrial Revolution, which was the key to rising living standards in the Western world, would not have been possible without abundant energy resources. Now, the world’s developing countries have vastly rising energy needs. We wonder: What percentage of world energy consumption are they expected to account for by 2040?

A. 44%
B. 54%
C. 65%
D. 85%

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African Americans and the Civil Rights Act at 50

Fifty years ago, U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 into law. The landmark law was designed to protect the ability of black Americans to vote, to ensure justice and to improve educational and employment opportunities. We wonder: Which of the following statements about black Americans are true today?

A. They are unemployed at twice the rate of white Americans.
B. They are more likely to leave high school without a diploma.
C. They have significantly less wealth.
D. They are far more likely to be victims of serious violent crime.

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