November 2014

Robots and Us

The Industrial Revolution made it possible for machines to help humans do work. Now, an increasing amount of work is being done by the machines themselves. We wonder: Which country has the most robots in the workplace compared to its number of human workers?

A. Germany
B. China
C. United States
D. South Korea

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The World’s 100 Million Club

At the beginning of the current century, there were only 11 countries (out of more than 200 worldwide) whose population exceeded 100 million. According to UN estimates, the Philippines passed the 100-million mark this year. We wonder: Which of the following countries will join the “100 million” club next?

A. Ethiopia
B. Vietnam
C. Russia
D. Turkey

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Sizing Up Global Unemployment

Having a secure job that pays a reasonable wage is the primary way in which billions of the world’s inhabitants share in the benefits of a growing global economy. But at any point in time, many millions lack the jobs that provide this livelihood. We wonder: The global total of unemployed workers is about the same as which country’s population?

A. Turkey
B. Bangladesh
C. Brazil
D. United States

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China: Catching Up to Its Past

China’s extraordinary economic growth over the past three decades has lifted hundreds of millions of people out of poverty. Now, China is engaged in an effort to catch up with the industrialized world. We wonder: How does China’s per capita income compare globally?

A. Quarter of world average
B. Half the world average
C. Same as the world average
D. Four times the world average

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