May 2015

Remittances: A Lifeline to Home

For developing countries, an important source of income they receive from abroad is official development aid. But a far larger source is the funds that are sent from their citizens working overseas. We wonder: Which country receives the most money from workers abroad in the form of remittances?

A. Nepal
B. India
C. Mexico
D. China

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Why Are Black Americans Protesting?

Violent clashes between black Americans — particularly young black men — and police in cities such as Baltimore, Maryland, and Ferguson, Missouri, call into question how much progress the United States has really made in fulfilling the promise of equal rights for all Americans. We ask: Which of the following statements about black Americans are true today?

A. Unemployed at twice the rate of white Americans.
B. More likely to leave high school without a diploma.
C. Have significantly less wealth.
D. Far more likely to be victims of serious violent crime.

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