September 2015

Giulio Napolitano /

Continuity at the Top

For any large institution — whether a private-sector company, government or world religion — stability and continuity are important prerequisites for success. A low rate of turnover at the very top is often a key ingredient for such stability. We wonder: Since 1892, which of the following institutions has seen the fewest changes in leadership?

A. Catholic Church
B. General Electric
C. U.S. Presidency
D. British Prime Ministers

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Urusaurus /

Contraception Counts

The fertility rate in the developing world (excluding China) is currently 2.98 children per woman, more than a child above the rate in the developed world (1.67). This difference is due in part to women in the developing world having less access to effective birth control. We wonder: How many women in the developing world have an unmet need for contraception?

A. 877 million
B. 225 million
C. 74 million
D. 290,000

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Jenny T /

Got Milk?

Milk is an important source of energy and nutrition for many people, especially children, all around the world. It is not only drunk fresh, but is processed into butter, yogurt, cheese and many other foods. We wonder: Which country produces the most milk?

A. United States
B. India
C. Italy
D. Germany
E. New Zealand

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