November 2015

Viktorija Reuta /

Where’s the Beef?

From hamburgers in the United States and steak tartare in France to beef Stroganoff in Russia and sukiyaki in Japan, beef has long been a staple of the world’s dinner tables. More and more, beef is a vital ingredient in world trade. We wonder: Which country exports the most beef?

A. United States
B. Russia
C. Argentina
D. India

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Space Junk!

Garbage reduction efforts on earth first took shape in the 1970s, as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Earth Day celebrations and other efforts coalesced around the same time. However, there also is a vital need to keep outer space junk-free, and hazard-free, for human activities and satellites. We wonder: Which country is the source of the highest number of space debris items around Earth?

A. China
B. France
C. Soviet Union (and its successors)
D. United States

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