June 2016

Displaced Persons: A Global Crisis

The number of people fleeing their homes due to violence or persecution has surged to levels not seen in a long time. Whether they managed to stay elsewhere in their home countries or had to leave their country, these people seek protection from human threats. How many displaced persons are there today worldwide?

A. 200 million
B. 65 million
C. 41 million
D. 21 million
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Hillary Clinton (Credit: JStone - Shutterstock.com)

Women in the United States

There are 162 million women in the United States – five million more than men. One of them could become the first female U.S. president next year. We wonder: Which of the following statements about U.S. women are true?

A. The share of U.S. women working has declined.
B. They are better educated than U.S. men on average.
C. They are more likely to vote than men.
D. The role of marriage and motherhood has evolved in their lives.
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The Status of India’s Women

At over 630 million, the number of women in India is about as large as the populations of the United States, Mexico, Japan and Spain combined. We wonder: Which of the following statements about India’s women are true?

A. Their education has improved recently.
B. They have held high posts in government.
C. Economic opportunities remain limited for many.
D. There are many more men than women in India.
E. Violence against women is an ongoing emergency.
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