October 2016

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Female Entrepreneurship in Developing Nations

Growth in the global economy is hard to come by – and world trade is slowing down as well. The big question: What could be new sources of growth? Could women entrepreneurs be an economic force that could provide new growth dynamics? We wonder: Which of the following statements about women in the global economy are true?

A. Women entrepreneurs face barriers to financial services.
B. Pay equity for women could spur global growth.
C. Developing nations limit women’s participation in the economy.
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Counting All Kurds

The Kurdish populations of the four major Middle Eastern countries with significant Kurdish minorities total at least 25 million people. That number is nearly equal to the entire population of Saudi Arabia. We wonder: Which Middle Eastern country has the largest ethnically Kurdish population?

A. Syria
B. Iran
C. Iraq
D. Turkey
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Jurgen Ziewe / Shutterstock.com

Africa’s Most Populous Countries

Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country by far. It has nearly double the population size of the second-largest country. Its 182 million people in 2015 make it the world’s seventh most populous nation. We wonder: After Nigeria, which is Africa’s next most populous country?

A. South Africa
B. The Democratic Republic of Congo
C. Kenya
D. Ethiopia
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Investing in Climate Action

In 2015, the leaders of 191 countries met in Paris and hammered out a deal to combat climate change. We wonder: How much money would countries worldwide collectively need to invest by 2030 to meet the minimum clean energy targets of the Paris Agreement?

A. One year’s worth of global GDP
B. One year’s worth of U.S. GDP
C. One year’s worth of the GDP of China and India
D. Global annual defense spending
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