December 2016

Away From Home

International migration flows are a topic of hot debate, especially in Europe and the United States, the major receiving countries. But what about the perspective of the emigration countries? Specifically, we wonder: In absolute numbers, which country has more of its native-born citizens living abroad than any other?

A. Syria
B. United Kingdom
C. India
D. Russia
E. Mexico
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The Battle Over Turkey’s Women

Many governments around the world are seeking to increase women’s social and economic inclusion. A key motivation is to stimulate future growth of their national economies. We wonder: Which of the following statements correctly describes the status of women in Turkish society?

A. More women are better educated
B. More women work
C. Women face more pressure to have children
D. Women face broader setbacks
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Fossil Fuels on the Take

Money spent to subsidize the consumption of fossil fuels (as opposed to production) worldwide fell from $500 billion to $325 billion in 2015. It is one step on the long road to combating climate change. We wonder: Which of the following energy categories receives the greatest global consumption subsidies annually?

A. Coal
B. Natural gas
C. Electricity
D. Oil
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Subsidizing the Energy of the Future

On a global basis, fossil fuels still receive more than twice as many subsidy dollars as flow to renewable energy. One sign of progress is that global renewable subsidies are growing, while fossil fuel subsidies are in decline. As recently as 2008, the ratio was 10 to one. We wonder: Which country or region is subsidizing renewables with the most money annually?

A. China
B. United States
C. European Union
D. Japan
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