February 2017

Too Many Foreigners In Our Midst?

The UK’s Brexit referendum was in large part driven by voters’ fears of having “too many” foreigners in their country. In addition, there were worries about the changing ethnic composition of the UK. We wonder: What is the total expected population share of both first-generation immigrants and their children in the UK by around 2060?

A. About one-tenth
B. One-quarter
C. Nearly one-third
D. More than half of the population

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Lauri Andler / Wikimedia

Empires of Sugar

Sugarcane is a plant native to Southeast Asia, where it was domesticated many millennia ago. Later it spread to China and India, then across the early Islamic world and ultimately across the rest of the tropical and subtropical world. We wonder: Which of the following facts are true about sugar worldwide?

A. Brazil produces more sugarcane than any other country.
B. Americans consume more sugar per person than anyone else.
C. Sugar is a freely traded commodity.
D. Sugar refining is a modern invention.
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