July 2017

Jurgen Ziewe / Shutterstock.com

The World’s Median Age

While some regions of the world are grappling with the social and economic challenges of a “youth bulge,” other regions are facing the challenges of an aging population. We wonder: What is the median age of all the people alive on earth today?

A. 19.4
B. 29.6
C. 37.0
D. 41.6
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How Fast Humanity Grows, Minute by Minute

While some countries experience an increasingly steep population decline, the overall global population continues to climb. This year, the world’s total population stands at about 7.5 billion. We wonder: How much does the world’s population grow per minute?

A. 4.8
B. 49.5
C. 82.6
D. 157.2
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François Louis Jaques

The Biggest Beer-Drinkers

Beer likely dates as far back as humans have grown cereal crops. Thousands of years after people first fermented grain into beer, the world population drank 184.8 billion liters of it in 2016. It is the most popular alcoholic beverage by a wide margin. We wonder: In which country do people consume the most beer?

A. Brazil
B. China
C. Germany
D. Russia
E. United States
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The Vast Amazon Rainforest

Most of the Amazon River basin is located within Brazil, but the Amazon rainforest spans altogether nine countries. It also plays an integral role in global greenhouse gas emission control, as well as for global biodiversity. And yet, it is being chopped down on a continuous basis. We wonder: What country is closest in size to the Brazilian Amazon’s lost forest cover since 1969?

A. India
B. Turkey
C. Australia
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