December 2017

Image: Anton Watman / Shutterstock

Closing the Global Gender Gap

Women around the world face many challenges that go well beyond obtaining equal pay for equal work. They also still have to overcome hurdles with regard to education, health outcomes and their representation in politics. We wonder: At the current rate of progress achieved since 2006, in how many years would the global gender gap for all these various areas be closed?

A. 13 years
B. 61 years
C. 100 years
D. 217 years
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Child Poverty: A Global Comparison

Poverty among children is one of the key scourges of humanity. It condemns children at a critical stage of development to poor nutrition, education, housing and more – with life-long consequences. We wonder: Which of these G20 economies has the lowest share of its children living in poverty?

A. South Korea
B. Germany
C. United States
D. Brazil
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Lands of the Free and the Non-Free

A quarter-century ago, after the end of the Cold War, there were high hopes for a sweeping global transition toward democracy. This trend has not only come to a standstill, but appears to be in the process of reversing. We wonder: What percentage of the 195 countries in the world ranked as free in 2017?

A. 25%
B. 30%
C. 45%
D. 70%
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