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South Africa in Crisis

The resignation of South African President Jacob Zuma in mid-February 2018 offers some relief in South Africa’s profound national crisis. However, the challenges that lie ahead for Cyril Ramaphosa, the country’s new President, and his team are steep. We wonder: Which of the following are challenges crippling the country right now?

A. Unemployment
B. Crime and violence
C. Xenophobia
D. Corruption
E. Water supply problems
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Unretiring: Africa’s Longest-Serving Strongmen

On November 21, 2017, Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe resigned, after being in power for 37 years. Prior to his resignation, he was Africa’s second-longest serving leader. We wonder: Which current African leader has ruled his country even longer than Mugabe did?

A. Paul Biya of Cameroon
B. Yoweri Museveni of Uganda
C. Mswati III of Swaziland
D. Teodoro Obiang of Equatorial Guinea
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The World’s Median Age

While some regions of the world are grappling with the social and economic challenges of a “youth bulge,” other regions are facing the challenges of an aging population. We wonder: What is the median age of all the people alive on earth today?

A. 19.4
B. 29.6
C. 37.0
D. 41.6
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Africa’s Most Populous Countries

Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country by far. It has nearly double the population size of the second-largest country. Its 182 million people in 2015 make it the world’s seventh most populous nation. We wonder: After Nigeria, which is Africa’s next most populous country?

A. South Africa
B. The Democratic Republic of Congo
C. Kenya
D. Ethiopia
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Presidents For Life

While quite a few African countries, including Nigeria, have successfully made the transition to competitive multi-party democracy, others may hold elections, but the “old guard” remains in power. We wonder: How many current African regime leaders have been in power since before 1990?

A. Four
B. Six
C. Nine

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Inflation: Ready for a Comeback?

Inflation has all but disappeared from the policy agenda of developed countries. But that is not the case for other countries around the world that are in the news. We wonder: Which of the following countries is expected to have the highest rate of inflation in 2016?

A. Venezuela
B. Ukraine
C. Zimbabwe
D. South Sudan

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Lights Out in Sub-Saharan Africa?

The ability to turn on a light, heat a home, use a computer, or keep food and medicine cold is something most people don’t think much about — until they lack the electricity to do these things. For many Africans, it is a daily problem. We wonder: What percentage of Sub-Saharan Africans have regular access to electricity?

A. 20%
B. 32%
C. 55%
D. 99%

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Africa Rising

In early August, U.S. President Barack Obama will host a summit of African leaders in Washington, D.C. We wonder: Which of the following statements about the state of Africa’s economy are correct?

A. Africa has more than half of the world’s fastest growing economies.
B. Foreign investment in Africa is at a record high.
C. External trade is booming, while internal trade is languishing.
D. Africa’s middle class is growing, but more slowly than the overall economy.

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