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Investing in Climate Action

In 2015, the leaders of 191 countries met in Paris and hammered out a deal to combat climate change. We wonder: How much money would countries worldwide collectively need to invest by 2030 to meet the minimum clean energy targets of the Paris Agreement?

A. One year’s worth of global GDP
B. One year’s worth of U.S. GDP
C. One year’s worth of the GDP of China and India
D. Global annual defense spending
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An Air Conditioned World

In cities with hotter climates, air conditioning units in every window are a sign of a rising middle class. But mounting temperatures have also made air conditioning in developing countries a necessity for urban survival. We wonder: Which of the following statements about the global rise of air conditioning are true?

A. India will soon see more air conditioners installed than any other country.
B. AC units add significant electricity demands.
C. Air conditioners can be made at least 25% more efficient.
D. Air conditioning coolants need to be replaced to slow global warming.
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For CO2, Below Average Is Good

Global carbon emissions reached almost five tons per person on Earth in 2013 — the highest level on record. While emissions appear to have stalled in 2014, they need to fall much further to limit the extent of global warming. We wonder: Which major country is closest to the global average of five tons of CO2 emissions per person?

A. United States
B. Germany
C. China
D. India

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