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Image Credit: Andrew Massyn

South Africa in Crisis

The resignation of South African President Jacob Zuma in mid-February 2018 offers some relief in South Africa’s profound national crisis. However, the challenges that lie ahead for Cyril Ramaphosa, the country’s new President, and his team are steep. We wonder: Which of the following are challenges crippling the country right now?

A. Unemployment
B. Crime and violence
C. Xenophobia
D. Corruption
E. Water supply problems
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In Focus: South Korea

The two Koreas are once again making world headlines. South Korea carries the 2018 Olympic flag, organizing the 23rd Winter Games. North Korea, meanwhile, has the world on edge with its nuclear arsenal. Until the post-WWII division into two countries in 1945, Korea was united. We wonder: Which of the following statements are true about South Korea today?

A. It has the most heavily automated industrial sector.
B. Its people work more hours per year than any other OECD country.
C. Its GDP is at least 52 times larger than North Korea’s.
D. It has problems with corruption.
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Ranking Russia

Russia’s population is the world’s ninth-largest. At 143 million, Russia has about 13% more people than 10th-ranked Japan. We wonder: On which of the following categories does Russia rank first worldwide?

A. Cigarette consumption
B. Defense spending
C. Immigrants
D. Tourism
E. Natural gas reserves
F. Land area
G. Anti-corruption
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Iran by the Numbers

In 2009, a wave of protests gripped primarily Tehran, following what millions of Iranians believed was a rigged presidential election result. The protests that erupted across the country in December 2017 had more complex roots. We wonder: Which of the following factors were key?

A. Inflation
B. Urbanization
C. Budget
D. Lack of transparency
E. Unemployment
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