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Contraception Counts

The fertility rate in the developing world (excluding China) is currently 2.98 children per woman, more than a child above the rate in the developed world (1.67). This difference is due in part to women in the developing world having less access to effective birth control. We wonder: How many women in the developing world have an unmet need for contraception?

A. 877 million
B. 225 million
C. 74 million
D. 290,000

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A Year Without Enough Food

Insufficient access to food has been one of the recurring challenges – and starters of cross-border conflicts – throughout human history. The good news today is that more people than ever before have stable food access. However, chronic hunger remains a problem in many places. We wonder: How many people worldwide still experience chronic hunger?

A. 800 million
B. 600 million
C. 500 million
D. 150 million

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