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Bluemoose / Wikimedia

Amber Waves of Grain

Humans have grown domesticated wheat for about 11,000 years. It was a cornerstone of the transition from hunting and gathering to sedentary, agricultural societies. Today, about 220 million hectares (554 million acres) are growing it worldwide. We wonder: Which country devotes the most land area to wheat cultivation today?

A. Russia
B. China
C. United States
D. India
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Lauri Andler / Wikimedia

Empires of Sugar

Sugarcane is a plant native to Southeast Asia, where it was domesticated many millennia ago. Later it spread to China and India, then across the early Islamic world and ultimately across the rest of the tropical and subtropical world. We wonder: Which of the following facts are true about sugar worldwide?

A. Brazil produces more sugarcane than any other country.
B. Americans consume more sugar per person than anyone else.
C. Sugar is a freely traded commodity.
D. Sugar refining is a modern invention.
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Food Prices: Lowest Where?

The United States has long prided itself on being a low-price consumer paradise. From slogans like “everyday low prices” to mega-sized shopping malls, the country’s economy is focused on promoting consumption. Even international tourists often fly to the U.S. to go shopping. We wonder: In which of these countries are food prices the lowest?

A. United States
B. Germany
C. United Kingdom
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Where’s the Beef?

From hamburgers in the United States and steak tartare in France to beef Stroganoff in Russia and sukiyaki in Japan, beef has long been a staple of the world’s dinner tables. More and more, beef is a vital ingredient in world trade. We wonder: Which country exports the most beef?

A. United States
B. Russia
C. Argentina
D. India

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