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Trade: How Big is Our World?

Globalization and digital communications have made the world feel like a much smaller place. We wonder: What is the distance that the average international export good travels from source country to destination country?

A. 12,500 km
B. 8,500 km
C. 4,800 km
D. 875 km
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Comparing the US and China

As China’s rise continues, it has been alternatively cast as a peer, a competitor and rival, or as a potential antagonist of the United States. But to what extent is China fully comparable to the United States yet? Specifically, in what respect is China 2% greater than the United States?

B. Life expectancy
C. Per capita GDP
D. Land area
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Finding Germany on a Map

Germany has been much in the headlines recently as destination for refugees from conflicts in Africa and the Middle East. Looking at a world map, we wonder: Which two major North American cities are located along the same latitude north of the earth’s equator as Germany?

A. Miami, Florida
B. Washington, D.C.
C. Seattle, Washington
D. Edmonton, Alberta

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Russia in Europe

Since the days of Peter the Great — Russia’s great Westernizer of the 18th century — Russia has struggled to define itself as a European or an Eastern nation. We wonder: What percentage of Russia lies within the European continent?

A. 3%
B. 25%
C. 65%
D. 78%

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The True Size of Africa

Africa has been the subject of many of the world’s worries: Is it overpopulated? Does it have sufficient natural resources? Can it grow enough food? One thing Africa has plenty of is land. We wonder: Which of the following countries or regions would fit most closely within the size of Africa?

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Who Avoided Colonization?

The days of colonialism are long gone in Southeast Asia. But the influence of faraway cultures can still be seen in former colonies. Malaysians are crazy about soccer, as Indonesians are about badminton. Most Filipinos still have Spanish names. Croissants, baguettes and coffee are still popular in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Yet, there is one country in Southeast Asia that was never a colony. Can you name it?

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Keeping Time, Russia-Style

Vladimir Putin was recently elected to serve once again as president of Russia. While the country’s political and military power has shrunk since the days of the Soviet Union, Russia still leads the world in at least one respect. At 17 million square kilometers, it remains the world’s largest country by size. We wonder: How many time zones does Russia straddle?

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Ports of Call

Even in the age of e-commerce, the global economy still depends heavily on ports to transport goods to and from destinations around the globe. In fact, 80% of world trade was moved by ship as of 2010. We wonder: Which of the world’s ports handles the most container traffic?

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Reaching for the Sky

The skyscraper craze continues to spread across the globe due to the advent of technologies that allow for the construction of taller, stronger and lighter buildings. With skyscrapers often symbolic of shifting trends in global wealth and power, we wonder: Where is the world's tallest skyscraper located?

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Scaling the South Pole

Antarctica is the fifth-largest continent — and is home to the coldest place on earth. As the world struggles to find a solution to global warming and melting ice in both the North and South poles, we wonder: What is the elevation of the South Pole?
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