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BigRiz / Wikimedia

Fiber-Optics: Spreading at Less Than Light-Speed

Fiber-optic high-speed internet transmits information as light pulses. It is a key tool for 21st century internet commerce and innovations like self-driving cars. We wonder: Which country is about to have the highest percentage of fiber-optic coverage among its broadband customers?

A. United States
B. Japan
C. Germany
D. South Africa
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The Rise — and Fall? — of Google

Since its founding in 1998, Google’s rise has been meteoric. But has the company grown too big? There are those who argue that its dominance of key aspects of the Internet warrants antitrust action, whether by authorities in Europe, the United States or elsewhere. Do you know what Google’s current market share is?

A. 92%
B. 79%
C. 71%
D. 44%

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