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Counting All Kurds

The Kurdish populations of the four major Middle Eastern countries with significant Kurdish minorities total at least 25 million people. That number is nearly equal to the entire population of Saudi Arabia. We wonder: Which Middle Eastern country has the largest ethnically Kurdish population?

A. Syria
B. Iran
C. Iraq
D. Turkey
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The War on Opium

Opiates, scientifically speaking, are compounds that occur naturally in opium poppy plants. Opioids, by contrast, are synthesized compounds derived from opium, which can also be addictive. We wonder: Which of the following countries has the largest share of its population using opioids?

A. United States
B. Iran
C. Russia
D. Afghanistan

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The Death Penalty Club

China leads the world in its number of executions. While government secrecy veils the exact number, China is estimated to execute thousands of prisoners each year. We wonder: After China, which country carried out the most executions in 2014?

A. Saudi Arabia

B. United States

C. Iraq

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Water as a Stress Factor

The recent droughts in California – where water has long fueled tensions and political battles – have been severe enough to make “water stealing” a frequent crime. Elsewhere around the world, there are also mighty struggles with drought, including in Sao Paulo. We wonder: Which of the following pairs of countries faces the highest stresses to their water resources?

A. Saudi Arabia and Iran
B. India and Turkey
C. United States and China
D. France and Brazil

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Iran’s Youngsters

Iran finds itself at the center of the global debate over nuclear proliferation. But that issue does not matter to many of Iran’s young people — most of whom were born after the 1979 revolution. They care more about jobs and greater social freedom. We wonder: What percentage of Iran’s population is under the age of 30?

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