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Nick Efford / Wikimedia

Union Power?

Since they first emerged in the 1830s, labor unions have played a key role in the Western world in securing better labor conditions, wages and benefits for their members. However, in recent decades, the power of unions has been in decline. We wonder: Which of the following countries has the lowest degree of unionization in its workforce?

A. United Kingdom
B. Japan
C. France
D. United States
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The Right to Take a Vacation

Among wealthy countries, there are big differences with regard to paid time off from work. In most countries, vacation time is required by national law. We wonder: Which of these countries has the highest number of legally guaranteed vacation days?

A. United States
B. Germany
C. France
D. United Kingdom

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Women in the Workforce

Over the past several decades, women have managed to increase their presence in the workplace all over the Western world. Beginning with World War II, the United States was the vanguard of that move toward higher labor participation rates for women. We wonder: Seven decades onward, is the United States still leading the way among developed countries?

A. Yes, the United States still leads.
B. Not quite, but it is still near the top.
C. No, it is in the middle of the pack.
D. No, it is near the bottom.

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Robots and Us

The Industrial Revolution made it possible for machines to help humans do work. Now, an increasing amount of work is being done by the machines themselves. We wonder: Which country has the most robots in the workplace compared to its number of human workers?

A. Germany
B. China
C. United States
D. South Korea

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Sizing Up Global Unemployment

Having a secure job that pays a reasonable wage is the primary way in which billions of the world’s inhabitants share in the benefits of a growing global economy. But at any point in time, many millions lack the jobs that provide this livelihood. We wonder: The global total of unemployed workers is about the same as which country’s population?

A. Turkey
B. Bangladesh
C. Brazil
D. United States

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On Vacation

As the dog days of summer set in, the thoughts of many people living in the Northern hemisphere turn to taking a well-earned vacation. But wide disparities exist among wealthy countries when it comes to paid time off from work. We wonder: Which of these country’s workers get to take the most days off for vacation and holidays?

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Unemployment in the United States

The recession that followed the 2008 financial crisis in the United States officially ended in June 2009 — four years ago. By various measures, the U.S. economy is improving. However, measured by number of jobs, it is still lagging. We wonder: Which of the following statements is true?

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Youth Unemployment Reconsidered

We have all read the alarming headlines: Half of all young people in Spain and Greece are unemployed. So are around a quarter of all young people in Italy, France and the UK. But it turns out there is a problem with the way youth unemployment rates are calculated. We wonder: Which number below is a truer reflection of the level of youth unemployment in Spain?

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