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Toiling All Year Long

During the eurozone's economic crisis, accusations have been flying back and forth about which countries really work hard. We wonder: Based on the average number of hours a worker works annually, which of these nations works the hardest?

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Europe’s Young: A Lost Generation?

The prolonged eurozone crisis may have a particularly profound effect on the future prospects of young people in Europe. As economies stagnate, and governments have less money for support schemes, they face an uncertain future in the labor market. We wonder: Which country now has the highest level of youth unemployment?

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Sizing Up the Global Labor Pool

The world's labor pool continues to expand, driven mainly by population increases in developing countries. While this provides opportunities for economic growth, it also presents challenges — especially the need to create enough jobs for new entrants to the labor force. We wonder: How large is the global labor pool at present?

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Foxconn: China's Labor Moloch

Electronics manufacturer Foxconn, China's largest employer, has been in the news recently. The company's labor practices, which some criticize as dehumanizing, have sparked a wider debate about working conditions throughout China. We wonder: Which of the following are true about the company?

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