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The Vast Amazon Rainforest

Most of the Amazon River basin is located within Brazil, but the Amazon rainforest spans altogether nine countries. It also plays an integral role in global greenhouse gas emission control, as well as for global biodiversity. And yet, it is being chopped down on a continuous basis. We wonder: What country is closest in size to the Brazilian Amazon’s lost forest cover since 1969?

A. India
B. Turkey
C. Australia
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U.S. Hispanics: On the Rise

Hispanics have been the largest minority group in the United States since 2001. We wonder: Of the following four statements, which is the one that is not true?

A. U.S. Hispanics are a growing demographic force.
B. U.S. Hispanics do not yet fully use their political power.
C. Unemployment among Hispanics is significantly higher than among the overall U.S. population.
D. The Hispanic birth rate has dropped significantly in recent years.
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Sizing Up Brazil

This month, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil hosts the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. The country has been on a roller coaster of late – politically, economically and socially. Which of these statements about Brazil are true?

A. It has the world’s fifth-largest population
B. It has Latin America’s second-largest proven oil reserves
C. It is the world’s seventh-largest economy
D. Economic inequality is much greater than in developed economies.
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Return of a Strong El Niño

From massive flooding to crippling drought and thick haze, the world has seen some extreme weather this year due to the El Niño phenomenon. The 2015 episode is projected to be one of the worst in the modern era. We wonder: Which regions of the world have already experienced devastating effects from El Niño in 2015?

A. Northern America and Europe
B. Latin America
C. Oceania
D. Eastern and Southern Africa

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The EU-27 and the BRICs

The European Union has dominated global headlines lately. It currently consists of 27 member states, which, while separate countries, are gradually moving toward an ever closer union. We wonder: Which of the so-called BRIC countries also has 27 constituent parts, just as the EU does?

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Sizing Up Brazil

Amidst all the hype surrounding its Asian counterparts China and India, Brazil has quietly but firmly established itself as one of the world's most dynamic economies. As the country prepares to elect a new president, we wonder: Which of these statements about Brazil are true?

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Latin America's Fastest Grower

The countries of Latin America are often among the hardest hit when a financial crisis is holding the world in its grip — even if its root cause is far away. This time, though, the region is faring much better. We wonder: Which of these Latin American countries is expected to have the fastest economic growth in 2009?

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