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Image Credit: Casa Rosada (Argentina Presidency of the Nation)

Leaders for Life?

For half a century, the continent of Africa stood out as the center of “leaders for life” – politicians who managed to hold on to power for decades. Now that trend is returning to major nations on the world stage. We wonder: Which of the following major countries has the most effective presidential term limits?

A. China
B. United States
C. Russia
D. Turkey
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Person of the Year: From Lindbergh to Francis

Time Magazine announced that Pope Francis I, who was elected in March to succeed Pope Benedict XVI, is its “Person of the Year” for 2013. This is the 87th year that the American magazine has honored a person — or, in some years, a group or a thing — as the year’s biggest newsmaker. We wonder: How many non-Americans has Time honored as its “Person of the Year”?

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Africa’s Unretiring Leaders

Africa — especially its northernmost countries — have been the site of much turmoil and change in recent years. In 2011, the Arab Spring ended the reign of some of the continent’s longest-serving rulers. We wonder: Which current African leader has led his country the longest?

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The House of Unrepresentatives

The U.S. Congress was unable to pass a budget — one of its primary Constitutional obligations — to keep the federal government open past September 30, the end of the 2013 fiscal year. While 800,000 federal workers were furloughed without pay, Congress itself is unlikely to feel the pinch financially. We wonder: Of the 535 members of the U.S. Congress, how many are millionaires?

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Continuity at the Top

For any large institution — whether a private-sector company, a government or even a world religion — stability and continuity are important prerequisites for success. And a key ingredient for such stability is a low rate of turnover at the very top. We wonder: Since 1892, which of the following institutions has seen the fewest changes in leadership?

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How World Leaders Measure Up

In the United States, it is almost a matter of dogma that in order to succeed in the business of politics — and especially to reach the Oval Office — a politician must be tall. Height, it is felt, is a reflection of the candidate’s authority and confidence. We wonder: Which of the following major countries has the shortest leader?

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The G20's Women Leaders

When the world's political elite gathered in Seoul for the G20 summit, it was overwhelmingly a male-dominated affair. We wonder: How many women leaders attended the G20 nations' summit table as their country's president or prime minister?

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Which Monarch Reigns Supreme?

Even in the age of global democracy, kings and queens are still a part of the political scene. In some countries, monarchs continue to wield executive powers. In others, they hold a more ceremonial position. We wonder: What is the longest reign of any monarch who is still alive today?

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Dateline Africa: Who's Ruled the Longest?

From Libya in the north to Zimbabwe in the south, the state of democracy in Africa remains tenuous — despite significant advancements toward freedom in the last couple of decades. Indeed, of the 48 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, only ten are considered "free" by Freedom House. We wonder: Which of the following African leaders has ruled the longest?

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