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Counting All Kurds

The Kurdish populations of the four major Middle Eastern countries with significant Kurdish minorities total at least 25 million people. That number is nearly equal to the entire population of Saudi Arabia. We wonder: Which Middle Eastern country has the largest ethnically Kurdish population?

A. Syria
B. Iran
C. Iraq
D. Turkey
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Youth Bulges and Geopolitics

Between now and 2025, 600 million youth in the developing world will compete for just 200 million jobs. Much of this shortfall will occur in majority-Arab countries. Unemployed youths can easily turn into a risk to a nation’s and an entire region’s stability and security. We wonder: Which country in the Middle East/North Africa region has the lowest median age?

A. Yemen
B. Egypt
C. Syria
D. Palestine

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The Middle East’s Oil Appetite

It is well-known that the Middle East is the world’s largest oil-producing region, accounting for about one-third of global production. Much less is known about the region’s own oil consumption habits. Which of the following statements about oil in the Middle East is true?

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Arab Region Blooming

In more and more of the 22 countries comprising the Arab world, people are participating in the Arab Spring, a revolutionary wave that has led to regime changes in a number of countries, including Egypt and Tunisia. We wonder: How does the population size of the Arab region compare to that of the United States?

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Modern Muslim Merchants

There are about 50 countries in the world — home to roughly 1.3 billion people — whose populations are predominantly Muslim. We wonder: Which Muslim country had the highest volume of exports in 2006?

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Iran’s Minority Report

Modern-day Iran — a country much in the headlines these days — traces its roots back to the ancient Persians. Indeed, it was only in 1935 that the Iranian government called on other countries to substitute Iran for Persia as the official name of the country. We wonder: What percentage of people living in Iran today is not Persian?

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Top Muslim Nations

Due to conversions and high birthrates in the Muslim world, Islam is the world's fastest-growing religion. In fact, with 1.3 billion followers, the number of Muslims worldwide is equal to the population of China, the world's most populous country. We wonder: Measured by its population, which of the following countries is not ranked among the 15 largest Muslim nations?

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