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Women in Politics

Over the last several decades, considerable progress has been made when it comes to women in politics. In some countries, women account for nearly half of parliament members. Most other nations lag far behind. We wonder: Which country has the largest share of women in its national parliament?

A. Sweden
B. United States
C. Cuba
D. Rwanda
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Smaller Nations in a Big World

On September 18, Scotland voted against seceding from the United Kingdom and becoming a small independent nation. Scotland’s vote against independence, however, may not dampen the separatist wishes of other regions. We wonder: Of the 193 countries in the United Nations, how many have a smaller population than Scotland’s 5.2 million?

A. 23
B. 40
C. 78
D. 106

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Madam Ministers

Women make up 50% of the world’s population. But when it comes to their representation in government, the percentages are often significantly — and shamefully — much lower. We wonder: Which major government currently has the highest percentage of women in its cabinet?

A. China
B. United States
C. Japan
D. European Union

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The EU-28 and the BRICs

In 1957, six nations founded the European Economic Community, the entity that would eventually evolve into the European Union. The EU now consists of 28 member states. We wonder: Which of the so-called BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) also consists of 28 constituent parts?

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Sizing Up Ukraine

After breaking away from the Soviet Union and gaining independence in 1991, Ukraine had big hopes of charting a prosperous and democratic future. Now, nearly a decade after the Orange Revolution, Ukraine is undergoing another wrenching setback. We wonder: Which of the following statements about Ukraine is correct?

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Africa’s Unretiring Leaders

Africa — especially its northernmost countries — have been the site of much turmoil and change in recent years. In 2011, the Arab Spring ended the reign of some of the continent’s longest-serving rulers. We wonder: Which current African leader has led his country the longest?

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The EU-27 and the BRICs

The European Union has dominated global headlines lately. It currently consists of 27 member states, which, while separate countries, are gradually moving toward an ever closer union. We wonder: Which of the so-called BRIC countries also has 27 constituent parts, just as the EU does?

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Congressional Millionaires

At a time of marked partisanship and economic distress, many Americans are frustrated with Washington — and with Congress in particular. Indeed, many voters believe that Congress is not responsive enough to the concerns facing everyday Americans. We wonder: Of the 535 members of the U.S. Congress, how many are millionaires?

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Democracy’s Number Three in 2050

With nearly 1.2 billion people, India is the world's largest democracy. With about a quarter of that population level, the United States ranks second in size among the world’s democracies. From there, however, the top ranks become less evident. With population changes promising to shape the state of democracy in the coming decades, we wonder: What country will be the world's third-largest democracy in 2050?

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